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About The Founders:

Name: Ivo Ramos 

Likes: Long walks on the beach. Hot chocolate in front of an open fire. Cliches.

Dislikes: Contradictions. Humour.

Biography: Ivo was born in Funchal, on the island of Madeira, in 1982. The son of Jose and

Maria, he showed an early interest in pasteis de nata!

Moving to London with his family in 1989, Ivo was a naturally quiet little boy - the kind that

makes you feel uncomfortable because of how much they use only the black and red crayons.

Ivo quickly made friends at his new school, and just as quickly picked up the Queen’s English. Nerd!

Life was relatively uneventful for the next 30 years: becoming a black belt, learning to drive, teaching an adult class, starting a business, starting a family, changing dentists, cutting his hair, getting tattoos, and finally passing his full bike license. The usual.

Ivo conceived the idea for Biker Nexus in mid-2021, and knew he had to bring in his best friend. Unfortunately, he was unavailable, so after a few more weeks Ivo eventually settled on Richard, and the rest is the present.


Name: Richard Cassidy

Likes: The high ground. Star Wars references.

Dislikes: Sand; it gets everywhere.

Bio: Born somewhere in Ireland, in 1979, Richard was the eldest of three. Displaying an early

interest in living anywhere else, Richard moved to South London at the age of six to follow his

dream of becoming a race bike. Three weeks later, unfulfilled, Richard switched careers to a

tech company, where he was able to fully immerse himself in his love for computers.

Richard’s life progressed the usual way: joined The Church, became friends with a future pop star, met a girl, got dogs, started a business (with the girl, not the dogs), got married, divorced, moved to the Isle of Man, and bought a boat. A really cool one. With engines, and everything.

His dream of becoming a race bike, sadly, was never fulfilled.

In mid-2021, taking pity on Ivo and realising there was no way he’d be able to do something like this on his own, Richard joined as co-founder of Biker Nexus. The rest is the present.


Now you know a little more about us. Lucky you! We're in the app all the time as Rogue23, and NobbyNibble, respectively. Also, as the Admin account.

Feel free to say hello, or hit us up on one of the socials.


Be good. Have fun. Ride safe!

Biker Nexus 

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