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Biker Nexus App: Calendar

What's this about, I hear you ask. I mean, it's our Calendar. Everyone's pretty familiar with what a calendar is, and what's it's for, so I'm not going to be explaining this one. It's a calendar, and it looks a little like this. >>>

In here you'll find such things as:

  • Events: IoM TT, launch events, etc.

  • Meets: Bike nights, or anything that would identify as a regular meet.

  • Rides: If you don't know what this is, stop reading, and go sell your bike. I mean it!

  • Off road: Not to exclude  those of us that don't like keeping our wheels on the tarmac, this is here.

  • Last Rides: A small way to honour, and pay tribute to those of us that are taking their final ride. It doesn't matter if you didn't know them; if it's in here, it's been okayed by the family, and you can pay your respects.

  • The calendar has a "filter" option, on the top left of the screen. Use this to find the particular type of event that you're interested in. Want to go? Click on RSVP, and let the event creator know you'll be making it there.

  • Add your own event by clicking on the "plus" icon on the top right of the screen. You can make it open to the Public, or Private so that it only shows up to those on your friends list.

This is pretty straightforward, and as you can see there's not much to it.


If you're looking at the calendar, and there's a small red dot underneath the date, that means there's something going on that day. Press it to see a full list of everything that's happening.

Then,  press on any event to find out the full details.

Pretty cool, right?  So, download the app, and get started. Just be sure to: Be good. Have fun. Ride safe!

Biker Nexus

Post. Meet. Ride. Repeat.

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