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The Biker Nexus charities:

Charity work is a large part of what Biker Nexus strongly believes in, and helps promote. At the moment we have five charities that we fully endorse, and support:

Mental Health Motorbike

"Mental Health Motorbike exists to create meaningful opportunities so that together we grow the greater well-being of the motorbike community. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the suicide rates amongst bikers in the UK. We are building a free, dedicated network of trained Mental Health First Aiders who can support other bikers across the UK."

If you're feeling generous, and would like to donate, please click on the following: donate


IAM Roadsmart

"At IAM RoadSmart we make better drivers and riders. As the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, formed in 1956, we’ve spent more than 60 years making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education.

Our qualified experts, our network of thousands of volunteers and around 180 local groups are our lifeblood. They champion our cause and help drive our vision – to be the best, most recognised provider of coaching and advice for all post-licence drivers and riders, and to help make our roads safer for all."

If you're in a good mood, and would like to make a Gift Aid declaration: giftaid


Headway - the brain injury association

"To promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers. In addition, Headway will campaign to reduce the incidence of brain injury."

This one is particularly close to our hearts, as brain injuries can affect anyone, but are particularly common in the motorcycle community. Be kind: donate


Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation - NSIF

"The Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation is a UK charity dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries and giving back hope."

This one is also close to our hearts. Spinal injuries are one of the most common results of motorcycle incidents. So, please dig deep: donate


The Bike Experience

"The Bike Experience has been set up to help disabled bikers get back on two wheels. We are a registered charity and this is offered as a free experience! Please help us promote what we're doing..."

This is an amazing one, and focusing on getting people onto two wheels despite any debilitating injuries. They're desperately in need of funding, and may have to close down completely. Please visit their Just Giving page: justgiving


Times are always tough, so if there's any way that you, or someone you know, can help any of the above it will always be greatly appreciated. 

Much obliged,

Biker Nexus Team

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