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Biker Nexus App: The Hub

On the surface this one could potentially be a little confusing, considering that the word "hub" is a synonym for the word "nexus". So, let me clarify:

The Hub is where you can post whatever (within reason!) you like. Example:

  • Post a picture of your bike.

  • Introduce yourself.

  • Ask for opinions, or recommendations.

  • Recommend a pub, or bar, or cafe, or biker night, and so on.

  • Start a conversation.

  • Answer a question.

  • Share a funny joke, or meme.

  • Discuss the number 42.

You get the idea. This is where you come out of your lids and leathers, and join the community, share interests, make friends, yadda-yadda-yadda. Just keep it clean, and obviously: Be good. Have fun. Ride safe!

Biker Nexus

Post. Meet. Ride. Repeat.

Screenshot_20211205-183015_Biker Nexus.jpg
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